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Buildmcpe Hive

Buildmcpe Hive

Old school Minecraft Server.
- When you join you can choose to join on Factions World or Choose one of the Survival worlds.
- You can collect stuff to sell in Shop.
- Nether Map provide Netherrack that is sold for high price in Shop. Nether Map is located on Survival Npc.
- There is a Starter Kit to help you in game.
- Vote for a good pickaxe to mine.
- You do not lose items on death.
- Since we do not have anvils you can use /fix to repair the item you hold, but it will cost 500 in game money.
- If you have enough money, you can buy a plot, to build your home in a peaceful non-pvp area.

BuildMcpe provide simple and easy to learn gameplay.

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Buildmcpe Hive
Server Information
Registration DateMarch 01, 2019
Last Pingedabout 7 hours ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Version v1.9.0
TagsEconomy Factions PVP Survival Windows 10
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