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mc world

mc world

need players. currently in WIP (Work In Progress) but there is enough features to play factions for now. 
NOTE: if you have ideas you are welcome to suggest them, not the best plugin developer but i can do most things.

Features (implemented and ToDo)
-skill tree
-can go either dark or light
dark - damage buffs and damage based skills
light - healing and tank buffs, healing and tank based skills
-shop system (finished) + (need to setup items in the shop for reasonable price *in game currency)
- level system (finished) + (more ways to gain levels needed, must be balanced though)
-factions plugin (FactionsPro plugin)
- Auction system (finished)
- can buy membership for extra loot
- buy currency
- crate system(Mystery plugin) + (need to setup ways of getting it and items in the crate)
* Different rarities/tiers of items
-more enchantments (piggys enchants plugin)

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mc world
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