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DeadRay MineCraft PE Server

DeadRay MineCraft PE Server


Join Our Server (Sameport 19132) and Have Fun! at our Open world where you can do what ever you want, Villages Modern City Buildings Dark under Ground Kingdoms

and Even Deadray-Govermential Buildings such as FBI Police Stasions with all Support from our Great Staff!

DeadRay is a Public MineCraft World where Friends can meet and Build there Dreams, From a MineCraft villain To the President of DeadRay, DeadRay is like a Country where Every Voice Count,


Deadray was Created by joshEscobar at 2013 and has 26,000+ Registerd accounts and many admins who has built this Great City of DeadRay where you spawn and this city haves soo much history like every big city in man kind, inspired by the City of Miami Florida USA 

(Information about the Game)

the Great City of Deadray is where you spawn, you must walk your self out and really far away build you dreams or ask for staff to take you somewhere Safe like ./tp 23,0000 miles away from spawn, there you will be safe forever,

Most players must play in Survival but if they need a higher rank they can visit or vote for higher Rank such as Creative and Admin, op

(Teckincal Information)

We are 24Hours online and Active and working hard everyDay to give a great Service

if you cant join us try using the lates version of MineCraft or wait until we update,

if you get Banned for un known Reason contact josh at

([email protected]) (instagram Josh_5777 Twitter) (305-250-1755) (Snapchat RealjoshEscobar)

we have About 24 Plugins if you would like to share some plugins contact [email protected]

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DeadRay MineCraft PE Server
Server Information
Registration DateSeptember 21, 2018
Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
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Version 1.4.0
TagsCreative Economy Factions PVP Roleplay Survival Windows 10
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