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Rift PE Network

Rift PE Network

The Rift Network is an up-and-coming server for anyone who wants to have a good time. It currently consists of a survival server that is being built and a prison server that is in the early stages of construction. Now would be the perfect opportunity to become a staff member, as positions are limited and will run out soon. We especially need people who excel in building and running commands! We will have: Survival (Factions), Creative, Skywars, Mob Arena, Prison, a variety of PvP games, possibly Hunger Games, and a large medieval city for roleplaying. We also have an amazing lobby with a great parkour course. In the future, the server could become one of the big-league networks - and the first few staff members could be some of the most powerful people in the network. Apply now at! (case-sensitive) Note: the IP is a long story and will be changed soon.

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Rift PE Network
Server Information
Registration DateAugust 15, 2018
Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Version 1.5.0
TagsCreative Economy Lobby Minigames Parkour Prison PVE PVP Roleplay Skywars Survival New