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Republic City

Republic City

♖♚♖ ℜepublic ℭity ♖♚♖
Republic City is a modern family-friendly roleplay server. Our staff strives to make your roleplay experience as realistic and fun as possible! Players of all ages and background are welcomed with open arms into our community. The possibilities are endless. Here is a list of some of the things you can do on our server.
Roleplay and make your wildest dreams a reality.......
❖ choose between 50 free roleplay prefixes
❖ Over 100+ Houses and apartments to choose from
❖ Active server community, meet new people!
❖ Friendly and Helpful Staff
❖ Shop at the mall, that has everything you need
❖ Become a millionaire and top the leaderboards
❖ Start your own roleplay family
❖ Get Married to your significant other (Online dating allowed)
❖ Run your own business! Such as a diner or shopping area
❖ Become an actor/actress and become a star in one of your own movies!
Try out some of our minigames.....
❖ Leap through our intense parkour course
❖ Fight your opponents in mortal combat at our PVP arena!
♖♚♖ ℜepublic ℭity ♖♚♖
IP Address:   Port: 48013

★ Send a direct message on discord to Tough_Melon #5568 If you would like to join Republic City's discord server!
Thank you for your time, we hope to see you there! -RC Staff

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Republic City
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Registration DateAugust 05, 2018
Last Pinged2 days ago
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Version v1.6.0
TagsEconomy Minigames Parkour PVP Roleplay Windows 10 Small
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