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VoidFactionsPE (THE RETURN)

VoidFactionsPE (THE RETURN)

Hey, Welcome to VoidFactionsPE! We are a factions server! We are quite an old server (Before MCPE v1.2.0). And we have many great features for you! Here are the current features we have:

* Chat Scrambler - Every 10 minutes, a chat event starts, where the words you need to guess, are scrambled. And you need to guess the correct word in order for you to get money. Yes, that's right! You gt money just for winning a chat scrambler game! The values are from: 1k - 30k IN GAME CASH. How awesome is that? :D

* Bounties - We have bounties, where you can bounty a player, and how ever much money that player has (as a bounty), then they are what you call "MOST WANTED". For example, if I were to bounty 10k on a player, then we'd need to kill that player for 10k in game money.

* Nice builds - We have very nice builds on the server, including: Slime PvP, Arena (Scary themed), Nice looking void themed spawn, and so much more.

* BankNotes - You can withdraw money for BankNotes. You can use /note for more information.

* Kits UI - Our kits are now based on a UI system. Which makes things better, and more organised as to what kit is what. How cool is that?

* Sell - We have added back /sell, but this time, it comes with a new feature. A new command was implemented into the server, which is: /sell info - It basically prints out information on that item you're holding, and how much it sells for.

* Shop - We've added a /shop UI system. We have added a new Shop UI instead of the old, unsupported UI's along with those that were supported. Well, none of that anymore. Our shop UI plugin now supports FormAPI (A plugin for UI's)

* Crates - We now have crates! Better, and more easier to handle! There are ways of getting crates, and what chances can be in those crates (Won't name all of them, as it'll take too long, but I'll tell you the features we have on the server, which are now in crates). You can get: Common crate, Uncommon crate, Vote crate (By voting, and by using /kit to buy them), Mythic crate, and Legendary crate.

And many more! JOIN NOW! 

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VoidFactionsPE (THE RETURN)
Server Information
Registration DateAugust 04, 2018
Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
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Version v1.8.0
TagsFactions Parkour PVP
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