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⚔ MineFightPE KitPvP ⚔

An Advanced PvP server includes 8+ Kits with Custom Enchants, 1vs1 Duels, Mini Arena, Plots....And MORE!

Server IP Address:
PORT: 19132

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Q: How can I become a Moderator?
A: Our applications will be open soon! We will announce when will it be opened on Twitter. Stay tuned for more updates!

Q: How do I get the YouTube rank?
A: You need 500+ subscribers and a monthly video showcasing MineFightPE to be eligible for the YouTube Rank. The rank includes lots of perks such as access to Premium Kits for free, Application details and requirements are available here: COMING SOON 

Q: Can I get free Crate keys?
A: Yes, you can! You can get a free vote key by voting everyday. Click the "Vote" button above, enter your username, solve the captcha, confirm vote, and then go back to the server, do /vote to redeem your free crate key and more other prizes!

Q: How can I get a free rank?
A: We encourage players to buy a rank at - it helps us keep the network up and running. If you don't have the money, don't worry! You can still get a rank upgrade by voting everyday to become the top voter of the month. Also, follow us on Twitter for free rank giveaways!

Q: I see a hacker using unfair hacks/mods/cheats, What do I do?
A: Report them! Our staff monitor all reports everyday, so if you catch any hackers it's best to snap a screenshot, or record a video and send it in #report on our Discord server.

Q: I was unfairly punished. How can I appeal?
A: Ban appeals forms will be open soon, for now, if you are punished, please make an appeal at our #appeals section in Discord. But Keep in mind that your appeal won't always be accepted - make sure you provide a good reason to convince us!

Didn't find your question, or need more help?
Feel free to join and contact us on our community Discord:


Last updated: Wednesday 25 July 2018

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Server Information
Registration DateJuly 26, 2018
Last Pingedabout 7 hours ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Version v1.9.0
TagsCreative Economy Minigames Parkour PVP Survival