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The Void Network

The Void Network

Welcome to The Void Network! (The hub server)

We, are a network currently based off Factions and prisons. We plan to add more gamemodes in the future.

When the servers through out our network restarts, you will be automatically transferred to the Hub where you can join a server, any that we have. That way, you no longer have to go to the menu (Unless you log off.)
Amazing hub server just for you!
Slappers to click on to join a server.
Signs to click on to join a server.
Hunger and PvP are disabled in the hub!
Server selector UI's (Coming soon.)
The hub server is good for 20 players maximum.
We have: The total amount of players through out our network, and the maximum amount of slots through out our network.
Sign server slots to show how many people are on a specific server.
Custom IP, and hopefully a default port Soon.
the hub server is there to select a server, but to also A.F.K in! We do allow people to A.F.K there.
When you select a server, you don't need to log off, and connect with that IP anymore! It will just transfer you to that server!
Linked Slots will now be a thing - If you look on the player count in the server list, it'll say the total amount of players in the network, and the maximum slots from all the servers! :D
And so much more to come!

Servers we currently offer:

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The Void Network
Server Information
Registration DateApril 14, 2018
Last Pinged1 minute ago
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Version 1.2.13
TagsEconomy Factions Prison PVP