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Pure Survival

Pure Survival

~ Welcome to Pure Survival!

This server is for survival only! Play in factions, use the economy to buy stuff and make deals with other players!

~ Discord server:

~ If you want to be helpful for the server, donate to us by using the LEET Donations App. Type the IP of the server (, your in-game username (FULL username!) and make your purchase. All the help is welcome!

- VIP rank = 0.99$
- MVP rank = 4.99$
More info about the ranks is in-game.

~Also be sure to vote, as it helps growing the population of the server (FULL username)!

~Enjoy the server and make sure to share it!

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Pure Survival
Server Information
Registration DateApril 14, 2018
Last Pingedless than a minute ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Version 1.5.0
TagsEconomy Factions PVP Survival Windows 10