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Pvp base survival

Pvp base survival


plz don't be mean don't at all cheat no scamming but trading items is fine teams fine just don't have a team of more than 5 build base out of any material Redstone is allowed if I give you admin or mod do not brag and still do not cheat I will have a base too cause I want to play too. Also no swearing if swear I kick say crap or frik or fudge its fine this server I want to be a fun server for many people limit right now is 5 people playing I need credits to run my server cause I made it on an app called server maker for mcpe if I get 2000 credits from donations I will buy voice chat and other things I care about my members and my members are not forced to pay a single buck on my server cause there is nothing that costs money and I also love the app I made the server on if you use then good for you

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Pvp base survival
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Registration DateMarch 31, 2018
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Version 1.2.10