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hello Welcome to SkyPvPCraft. Do you think this server is bad. It's not!

We have manny games you wil like and it coming updates fast.


Hunger Games: Its a fun game. you start in a circle in the middle and then you gonna find chests and kill other


Hide and Seek: If you are a hider you need to hide from the seeker. if you are seeker you need to find the hider. Hiders are blocks and are hard to find.

Plot: Plot is where you build. It's fun to play and if you are a good builder you can get the builder rank!

Parkour and HardParkour: Parkour is a fun game where you go from start to finsh. it's very hard and you get a

big reward on the finish!

Factions: Factions are a fun game where you can make bases and fight and kill other player. It's like survival.

Skywars: Skywars is a fun game where you can play with other players. You start on a island on you need to build you to the big island on take the good stuff and kill all the players.


If you want free rank. Install Send credits for mcpe. Donate credits and you can get Donate , admin and Master rank by doing this. You can find the app on App store or

Google play store.

Banning/Banning IP

You can be banned on this server by ip or not. if you are banned permanent ip you need to done 3$ or

1000+ credits on the app send credits for mcpe.

Please don't hack!


Vote is a very good thing you can do to get free stuff. If you want free stuff go and click the vote button and you

wil get stuff for free!

About Jobs:

This server has jobs to make money. type /job join (jobname)

Info about Plot:

You get all the stuff for free.

type /plotfly to fly


This lobby is so big so if you want type /lobbyfly to fly.

Vote for SkyPvPCraft

Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 03, 2018
Last Pinged3 minutes ago
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Version 1.2.10
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