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Looking for some fun? You got the right place! 

MCPEPlanet is a wide community in which you will have lots of fun playing with the rest of the MCPEPlanet's players.

Why should you join us?

We have a variety of plugins that many servers do not have.

We have own-made plugins (not all the plugins currently used) and you are able to recommend ideas that we can have in the future.

We have a forum ( ) in which you can chat with others, discuss from Server Topics to Off Topic Ideas.

Our server has many staff with different time zones so our servers get patrolled most of the time avoiding any inconveniences for you to have a better experience at the server.

You can vote daily at to get your FREE EliteV+ rank!

And many more features!

Our server has rules, which must be followed, no exceptions. Can be read on the server spawn.

The server has a wide capacity so you are able to join with no problems like server being full.

Staff ranks or other earned ranks are not given by asking. Asking for ranks is NOT allowed. They must be earned.

What features we have?

We have the following features:

Roleplaying Worlds.
Creative Plots.
Survival World.
SkyWars with a variety of game themes.
Elite exclusive worlds.

And many more coming soon!

The server uses a registration at our forums. You can also register on server, but we recommend you to create your account in our forums ( ) and match your both forum and MCPE usernames.

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Server Information
Registration DateSeptember 29, 2017
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
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Version 1.2.13
TagsCreative Factions Roleplay Skywars
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