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Rafi's Empire

Rafi's Empire

Come, and join! We'll so happy to have a new friends here especially Malaysian! Here is the Ranks available in this server -VIP1 -VIP2 -VIP3 -Sponsor -Sponsor Leader If you want to get this ranks you must donate to our server. VIP1 cost 500 credits. VIP2 cost 1000 credits. VIP3 cost 1500 credits. Sponsor cost 2000 credits. Sponsor Leader cost 3000 credits. Sorry if all this is so expensive. If your family/parents not allow you to give us credits for server, you can earn free credits for our server using the app 'Send Credits For PlayMC.PE' by watch a few videos for free credits. I hope this thing can help you to support our server. We will appreciate your support.

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Rafi's Empire
Server Information
Registration DateAugust 27, 2017
Last Pinged5 minutes ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Version 1.1.5
TagsEconomy Survival New
CountryServers in Malaysia