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Central city

Central city

Welcome to Central City! This is a city roleplay (obviously).
Visit our newly renovated high school with many classes and sports to join. A hospital, police station, fire station, apartments and much more are ready for you to roleplay with! The server is NOT fully done yet, but we are SUPER close to finishing. 
To make the server better we need donations! Donations will give us the ability to get more plugins to make your stay better. Donating will give you different prizes too!
Donation Prize List:
300 credits- Member Rank,64 Cooked Chicken, 5 diamonds
2000 credits- Donator Rank, Diamond Armour, Golden Apples, 20k
10000 credits- V.I.P Rank, Enchanted Diamond Armour, fly, 100k
60000 credits- Elite Rank, creative, morph, size player, 1mil

(Prizes subject to change)

As soon as you donate, contact the owner with either of the following contacts saying how much credits you donated and around what time you donated. you will then receive your award by the owner herself, HeyItzKaty21_:
Discord- itzcountrygirl21#9099
Email- [email protected]
(Or on the server if a staff member is online)

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Central city
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