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The Void Network

The Void Network

Welcome To The Void Network!

Servers we have:

BuildUHC BETA - IP: Port - 25754

Factions - IP: Port - 19132

KitPvP - IP: Port - 32670

Skywars BETA - IP: Port - 22208

And more on the way soon!

The servers we plan on releasing soon / or in the near future, are:

  • SkyBlock
  • Plots
  • BuildBattle
  • More-Mini-Games (Includes CTF, MicroBattles, Infected, and more)
  • SurvivalGames
  • MurderMystery

Our servers are super friendly to make friends, and have fun with.

So why not join us! You could be the next popular person on the server!

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The Void Network
Server Information
Registration DateJuly 27, 2017
Last Pinged4 days ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Version 1.1.0
TagsAuth Economy Factions Lobby Minigames PVP
CountryServers in United Kingdom