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A Ye Zhiqiu server

A Ye Zhiqiu server

Server: Version: 1.0.5-1.0.9 General The name of the server: Server: ip: Server: Port: 1619 Prohibit the prohibition of advertising prohibit tear Ios special attention if there is a new version out do not update Server permissions Vip: live flight direct tp enchant sign more permission game input / v help price 20 yuan (31 days) Svip: Enchantment increase direct tp Territory skin 2 thousand gold coins sign slowly upgrade ssvip free creation mode, survival flight, etc.: more authority into the game input / v help price 30 yuan (31 days) Ssvip: >> ultra-independent players SSVIP permissions, each VIP permissions can be customized switches, you can set a variety of permissions, ● camouflage system, ● system defense system, ● pet permissions, ● exclusive store system, ● Customized size, ● Mineral perspective detection system, ● Privileged players kicking system, ● Fire protection system, ● Enchanting, ● Multi-backpack system, ● Exclusive weapon system system, etc. Many systems: Price 50 RMB: (40 days) OP authority: not much that you go to Baidu to see to know (100 yuan) (31 days)

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A Ye Zhiqiu server
Server Information
Registration DateJune 13, 2017
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
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Version v1.0.8
TagsEconomy PVE PVP Survival
CountryServers in China