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((Don't Use The stock name Steve! You won't get in)) If you login for the first time and it says "type /login password to join", then the username you're using is already taken. Make another name.

Vote for us here and receive 15 DIAMONDS and 2000$, (as well as Iron, Wood and Food) Simply go to server with same game name you voted with and type /vote to collect. Repeat daily for more! Just type /vote ingame after you vote here to collect your treasures.

****Top Voters in each calendar month get ADMIN!!""" so vote everyday:) -Favorite this page for quick daily voting. (details at bottom)

FunWorld is a rare place in cyberspace. We are bringing kids together from all corners of the globe 24 hours per day. We welcome people of any race, creed. color, orientation, nationality, religion, philosophy, age group, sex, status, wealth, lack of wealth, whatever… with no discrimination or requirements of any kind….except one-- You must be kind to others.

We tolerate no bad language of any sort (sexual/racial/bad words/etc.)

Please be kind to one another in this world and I know it will help to someday bring even just a little PEACE to the real world. Let There Be peace and a little PVP!!:) It’s FunWorld!

--Come check out our new School which is all the rage.

--Come join a faction..Assassins/Raiders/Guardians/Thrones..and get your war on! (Vote and choose faction)

Lots of fun for everyone! also Mini Games, Droppers, Hide and Seek, Maze's, Parkours, Shop, Pvp, Survival Warps, Caves, Mines... something for everyone!!

Follow Us On Twitter At: @funworldmcpe -- also visit our website at:

Come play in the best server this side of the milky way galaxy!

-favorite us here for easy daily voting-

Also visit our forum at

Have FUN!

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Version 1.2.10
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