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VoidFactions PE

VoidFactions PE

VFPE Server description:

Welcome to Void Factions PE Network! We are a new server network, based on Factions. We plan on adding more servers soon, but for now, we've worked on Factions. Factions, is a very unique game mode, filled with Drama, enchants, Clans, raids, PvP, Teaming, Wars, and more. Are you good at PvP? Then this is the server for you! As we plan to add more, we will let you know, right here, when a new update's available! Speaking of new updates, we are quite quick at updating our server to the latest version of Minecraft. We are currently on version 1.0.3, and will plan to work more on the new versions of MCPE.

We do indeed have a lot of new 1.0 features, like: Elytra, Ender pearls, New skulls, (Ender dragon skull,) New 1.0 blocks, items, raiding gear, shop, armour, enchants now work, and a lot more. We strive our very best to work on: New features, bug fixes, constant updates, new game modes relating to Factions, and more! We currently have: OP Factions, and Normal factions. We are planning to add more in the near future. Plans we may add to:

Frosty Factions - Factions, but with frost relation.

Jungle Factions - Factions with Jungle bushes, trees, etc.

Cave Factions - Hmh. I get it, factions, but what if we added it in the cave?

Roleplay Factions - Factions, but roleplay involved.

Ranked Factions - Factions, but more advanced, meaning: Only ranked users who are not guest can go to that game mode, meaning you'd need to vote to go to that game mode.

And more on the way!

We are constantly working on new features to introduce, and bug fixes as well.

The features we currently have now, is:

* AntiHack protection - Keep your logins safe.

* Get a PIN code if you ever need it or forget your password.

* Updated a lot of plugins.

* Vote for Great rewards!

* WarZone

* Shop!

* OP Factions

* Nice Staff

* Friendly community

* Auto rank up!

* We have our own anticheat!

* VPN Protection - Blocked vpn ips.

* Broadcast when you've found a Ore for xray purposes, just so we can count how many a specific player has found.

* Factions update: 1.8.1 (Added /f war.)

* Max players per faction is 30!

* Blood effects when Pvping. (Tested on older devices.)

* And more!

As I said, we plan on adding a ton of more game modes + Bug fixes + Features on the way soon.

Thank you for choosing Void Miner PE

/The VoidMiner PE Network.

Vote for /vmfly, voter rank, /heal, /feed, and more! @

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VoidFactions PE
Server Information
Registration DateFebruary 25, 2017
Last Pinged2 minutes ago
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Version 1.1.0
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