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JaneCraft PE Network V2.0.0

JaneCraft PE Network V2.0.0

Welcome to JaneCraft PE Network V2.0.0!
We have been ongoing, as a network for over a year, upcoming 2 years this year. We have many great features / game modes / Mini-games for you to enjoy.

Here's what we have to offer:

* Factions - A great game mode. You can raid your enemies, have wars with other factions, and more.. It's nothing like you've seen before.

* Survival - Survive, whilst mobs try and kill you.

* JC Beta / Hype - A lobby where you can test our features / game modes / Mini-games we add. WARNING - They may be removed anytime. It could be due to too many bugs, or if it's not ready yet. We may add a game mode at any time also, if we think it's ready, and stabled.

* KitPvP - You can PvP with different kits. Just buy a kit which costs, or get a starter kit for free.

* LuckyBlocks - You can Open a luckyblock to get anything random. At this stage, we only allow a few things, such as: Money, chests, drops, etc.
Since the sell signs do not work in shop, you'd need to earn money by opening a luckyblock. There's a 60% chance you will get that money, from 1p - 50k.

* PvE - Player vs Entity. You can kill Mobs to earn XP.

* Nether - Go to the nether! :)

* Factions PvP - Want a battle? You can go to /warp Factions, and click 'FactionsPvP.' You can get two type of kits. One, which is Starter, which is free, and The other one is called 'Premium.' It does cost money.

That's all for now. Suggest any new games / game modes or even a feature? Contact us on kik @JCSupport

Anyways, this server is one of the best for your needs, so join now. :)

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JaneCraft PE Network V2.0.0
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