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Kingdoms Craft

Kingdoms Craft

Please take a moment to read about our server.

Welcome to Kingdoms Craft!
Many people get confused as they join and don't know what to do. Reading this will help you out.
When you join the game, the first thing you will see is a lobby where you can't do anything (besides finding the secret VIP lobby entrance). To get out of this lobby, go down to where it says "Server Directory", and find one of the statue NPCs and tap on it. The NPC will send a message in your chat with an IP and port to join to go to that server. Adding the additional IP and port is essential because otherwise you won't be able to start mining, building, and ranking up.

Inside the server, there's so much you can do. Our system of currency has three major parts, gold, rubies, and xp. Gold is used in the shop to buy materials. Rubies have special value that will give you access to some of the secrets in the server. Xp is used to level up, the levels going from 1 to 10. as you level up, you will gain access to commands and worlds as well as increasing the amount of respect you have on the server.

Kingdoms Craft, as you may have guessed, is based on a medieval kingdoms idea. The command /k will give you access to an assortment of kingdom-related commands. To join a kingdom, do /k join . To gain power and glory for your kingdom, fight other people in the pvp arena or other pvp-allowed worlds. New features like guilds will be coming to kingdoms soon.

We have many custom built worlds to be explored. They are thousands of blocks across, with impressive medieval structures found everywhere. It's more fun to play on massive, impressive worlds then a boring factions world, isn't it? Check them all out on each of our servers!

Server List:
Radriar Kingdom: - 19140
Jordis Kingdom: - 19148
Caelum Kingdom: - 19183
Forest Server: - 19161

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Kingdoms Craft
Server Information
Registration DateDecember 19, 2016
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Version 1.2.8
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