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Dragonfly's Minecraft PE Server

About Dragonfly's MCPE Server

Join a fun survival server complete with rewards for voting and top kills. We have tons of places to free build, mine, go exploring in caves. We have various levels of parkour maps--easy to hard. There's also PVP maps, factions, shops to buy stuff at, and fun role playing.

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Dragonfly's Minecraft PE Server
Server Information
Status Offline
Port 48161
Registration Date November 11, 2016
Last Pinged 1 minute ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Players 13/30
Votes 181
Tags Economy Factions Lobby Minigames Parkour PVP Roleplay Survival
Dragonfly's Top Voters
AwesomeCrawler82 8
SmashiGamer 5
steve 3
fantasy 2
ElectricWaveMax 2
Mr.killee187 1
Cookiegirl_ls 1
KING996 1
xXalexisgamerXx 1
Server 1