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KidzZone Network's Minecraft PE Server

About KidzZone Network's MCPE Server

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We have the following:
RetroHUB - Throwback into 0.8.1 days with this archived spawn with minigames like spleef, parkour, parkour race, shops and more.
We also have Ranks and Special Features as Particles, Fly and more..
Our Minigame Servers include the following:
Large Spawn Map!!
Creative Plots with Shops -
New KidzZone Mall!!
Adventure Maps!!
Multiple Ranks to help you along the way!
Purchase VIP,VIP+, MEGA@
Purchase more money @
Join the fun!!


We have room for more servers!! Email Linuzo [at] KidzZone.CA for suggestions on what YOU want to see!! This is the Kidz Network so the Kidz can decide what THEY want!!

Thanks for Playing!!

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KidzZone Network's Minecraft PE Server
Server Information
Status Offline
Port 19132
Registration Date October 21, 2016
Last Pinged 3 minutes ago
Minecraft PE Server Statistics
Players 92/400
Votes 1828
Tags Auth Creative Economy Factions Hunger Games Lobby Minigames Parkour PVP Roleplay Skywars
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