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Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting

We've all been there, we finally felt ready to make our own Minecraft server, but then once we actually gave it a try it was a little more complex than we had originally participated.

The server crashing at random times, lag problems occuring, abusive staff members, and infinitely more. The biggest problem seems to lie with unreliable hosting providers that are at fault for many issues like laggy servers.

Other times there are things going wrong with plugins or the software itself for the server. There must be something to deal with all of this right...?

The one and Only GSK

Here's how we make it happen. First of all we always over provision our hardware meaning if your server ever gets popular we won't be strapped for resources such as RAM or SSD Storage.

Our servers operate in clusters rather than individual servers. What's the chance of 1 server failing compared to 100s of servers failing at once? If any of our servers fails another one automatically picks your server up within just a few seconds and traffic is instantly rerouted.

This also means we can do things like DDoS Mitigation in a cluster setting, what's the chances of a malicious person to be able to knock out 100s of servers at once with several hundred gbit/s of combined connectivity?